PeakTool: High-Throughput Analysis of Small-Angle Diffraction Data


PeakTool is a utility/plugin for Jan Ilavsky's Irena graphical small-angle scattering data analysis package. It expands and complements the features of Irena by allowing the rapid, qualitative analysis of a large number of small-angle diffraction patterns, typically found in block coplymers and other systems with mesoscale crystallographic order (butterfly wings, etc.).


PeakTool relies on (and extends the functionality of) two major pieces of software. Install them before installing PeakTool!

  • Igor Pro by Wavemetrics. Not free, but an incredibly useful data analysis and plotting package. Versions for Mac and Windows, sub-$100 for student personal purchases.
  • Irena by Jan Ilavsky at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Lab. Free software, but requires you to cite the associated publication when publishing Irena results (including those marked up with PeakTool).
  • Direct link to installer.


PeakTool is released free of charge for noncommercial, academic use. If it is beneficial to your work, attribution is appreciated. If not, feedback is more appreciated!

The current release of PeakTool is 0.18. Download links below - the complete zip file includes a manual and release notes, which are also available separately.